How To Set Computer Parental Control On Your PC (Photos)

You can actually share your personal computer with your kids and friends without worrying about the privacy of your information by setting up computer parental control option in your PC. This option allows you to select which applications, games and website a user should access using your PC.

Now let’s get started:
First, you’ll have to create a different user account for this purpose. I’m using Windows 8 operating system for my illustration. From your start menu, go to Settings from the settings icon, choose Users and click on add a user. Add the new user with an optional password and click next.

In the final page check “Is this a child account? Turn on family safety to get report of their PC use”.

Head up to your Control Panel, if you control panel ‘view by’ option is set to large icons, this is what you will see below:

Click on Family Safety

If you control panel is set to view by category, you see this type of settings below, click on “Set up family safety for any user” under User Accounts & Family Safety.

Select the user you want to apply family safety settings to.

In the next page that opens, under family safety, check on, enforce current settings and also recommended for kids, check on, collect information about PC usage.

Click on apps restriction to select apps you wish to allow or restrict the user from accessing on that computer. You can also set time limit and period where the user should make use of the PC by clicking on time limit. There’s also an option available for restriction of windows store and games restriction incase the computer is connection to a WiFi.

With the steps above, you can set computer parental control for your child or setup privacy for your documents and applications on your computer.