Why Some Google Adsense Publishers Get Banned And Solutions

As promised for the tittle of the next articles Why Some Googles Publishers Got Banned.

Before going into the main content of this article, I would Love to ask a question partaking this particular contents. Why Do You Got Banned Reply Immediately You Are About To Receive Your Payment From Google?
hmmmm, wonder? Yes! Some benealth statements I guess will fall under Your ways!

You want to earn big by;
Selfclicking Your Own Ads

Yes, all the saying of My earnings are very low,receiving small bugs from Google AdSense.
If I should ask a bitter question,did You know that; Selfclicking Your own ADS got Google AdSense shortage?, surprised? You should get to know that, Clicks should be from a genuine and customer or a visitor. Because, Google are been pain for this advertise to be done. That is the reason why a click or clicks should come a genuine visitor. Each selfclick You do, make them to loose a customer because You just click for clicking sake and for point earnings. Do You now observed the reason why Google does not hesitate to got Your AdSense Account banned with lots of $$$?

Installing Auto Clicks Script In Your Blog or Website

Yes!, I know this is vividly common still all the say of I want more clicks that will give You much earnings. Installing Auto clicking script will still gets You Google AdSense account banned.

All of Your webpages and blog pages are divates from the main contents directly to Ads,when one want to clicks on Your contents. Still bad!

Pops Up AdSense
Lol, You are using three to difference Ads plus Google AdSense.

Still all the cause of big bugs to Your account! Google AdSense have their own Privacy. You are using three to 4 difference ads in one website or blog, even if Your Ads should be more in Your website or blog not more than 2 ADS and the Ads You should use should not be Ads that does not comply with Google Policy.

Because You can easily got Your AdSense account banned! Lets takes those fews noted. to the main content.

How You Should Use Your Google AdSense
Its got You like mad when You open Your email and received a noreply from Google AdSense that Your AdSense account is now connected!, lol…

Honestly, its like You jumping downward and upward. Note; they normally attached a link on how to You should go about the usage. Indirect warning if You note. As a Publishers if You flash back when You where signing up for the very account that got You approved,You indirectly take a OAT! lol, Yes!
Remember, without You accepting and abide with the Rules and Privacy You shouldn’t have apply for the Adsense account.

Therefore, the process of clicking YES! that signify that’s You abide with the rules and regulation,and all that You do,is at You own risked. For more You can read Google AdSense Rules and Regulation

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