How SARS Used Power Bank To Charge My Phone For Check-Up In Delta State

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Nigerian Guy Experience Today as SARS use power-bank to boost his phone in Delta State.

It was a commercial vehicle that I was in with others (Ladies, Old man, Preacher, Guys). Then, we came across these bearded hungry and provocative SARS operatives and all the guys (4) including me was asked to come down for investigation.

We all came down and they saw that the 2 boys that were at the front had settled them after being caught before. They had to free them instantly. Remaining me and one other guy.

They said we should raise our hands up for searching, we obeyed to make things quick as the car was waiting. We didn’t even know when 2 of them grabbed our phones for search. I wanted to stop them on that but I just can’t because if the matter gets hot now, the rest talk Na van (This is Nigeria). So we were peaceful and they started questioning the other guy on what he does for a living. He told them he’s an IT student from Lagos. They checked his phone and saw that he was clean, one whispered and said he should go.

It got to my turn for search and they asked me what I do for a living and also where I work. This time, I told them I was doing nothing, that I’m not working with anyone, and that I’m self employed. Na so their blood start to hot because them Don see person (yahoo boy) to chop from (since I’m self employed).

So, they wanted to check my phone and I told them it was off (I didn’t even want to tell them they’re not supposed to do that as it concerns my privacy and as instructed by the IGP because if they beat and arrest me, no one will be there for talks except money moves). GRACIOUS, could you believe they brought a power bank to boost the phone for check-up?

Within me, I was just laughing and wondering why they’d actually go to such extent. After short charging, they asked me to unlock the phone. To make things sweeter for them, I used my face ID by telling him to point the phone to my face. He did and voila, it opened and they were all smiling. I smiled too. Then, the first thing he went to check was my email section. When he got there, he saw all my blog/website email addresses ( and the others, including my personal gmail account). Thank God he even saw a recent Sponsored post payment made on my blog (from a US company) to confirm.

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He didn’t bother checking again. Then he asked me who I was and I told him I’m a Blogger, Web Designer and also a Freelance Writer. The SARS dude then said, ‘so na una be the Journalists wey dey write/talk about END SARS abi?’, I said YES. Then he brought a joke saying he’d like me to write about the guy they arrested earlier who was in their van. I then laughed and we all laughed together after he saw I was clean. They immediately allowed me to go.

As I was leaving, one of them started negotiating with the guy they caught so he could enter our vehicle and go with us but it seemed he wasn’t ready yet. I wanted to even snap with the 1% battery on my phone but their eyes were on me till we drove off.

This proves that even if the Government ban SARS from stop and search, they will never stop their evil and money making means except it’s totally removed. They’ve taken it as a source of making money and not doing what they’re supposed to do. People that are supposed to secure the country are the ones Defrauding innocent people on check points. This is not the right way for us as a Nation.

This is why the Government should totally #EndSARS

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