Steps On How Davido Could Have Saved Himself From Tagbo’s Death Mess

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David Adeleke, the popular musician more known as Davido, is entangled in the death mess of one of his friends, Tagbo Umeike, who died of suffocation on Tuesday, October 3, as the autopsy report confirmed.

Davido was reported to have misled the police in his account of Tagbo’s last hours, and his Hilux escort vehicle and driver were implicated in the dumping of Tagbo’s corpse at The General Hospital, Lagos.

The Police invited him again on Wednesday, October 11. What could the young man have done differently to avoid this controversy?

We have compiled these steps that could have saved him this embarrassment:

1. He shouldn’t have initiated or encouraged the Tequila drinking contest.

2. Once Tagbo was drunk, he should have been ferried home, given a cold shower and watched.

3. When his case became critical, he should have been taken to the nearest hospital for urgent attention.

4. Once they realised he was unconscious, they should not have put him in a car or tried to deposit his corpse on General Hospital.

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5. Davido should have been open and honest during his interview with the Police. He should have told them all that happened.

These steps would have shown that there was no ulterior motive or mischief meant…

Here are four likely offenses the popular musician could face unless he convinces the Police that he took all reasonable steps and had nothing to do with the tragedy and the dumping of the corpse.

1. Lying to the Police and perverting the course of justice.

2. Participating in the hiding of the death of Tagbo.

3. Initiating and encouraging the dangerous drinking contest.

4. Criminal negligence by allowing Tagbo to be dumped in a locked vehicle, and not ensuring his safety and well-being.

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