How Tacha ‘Spiritually Disqualified’ Herself – Nigerians Tweet

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How Tacha ‘Spiritually Disqualified’ Herself  – Nigerians Tweet

Two days ago Big Brother Naija housemates were asked to make use of the grey wall in the living room paintings that’ll leave an impression of themselves in the house.

With this task, Omashola took it upon himself to make a painting of the top 10 housemates left in the house, but Tacha wasn’t having it, she angrily erased herself from the painting.

When asked in the diary room how he felt about her action, Omashola confessed how much it hurt and how things could have turned ugly if not for self control.

Tacha however said she removed herself because it didn’t look nice and made her look like ‘Chucky Chucky’.

Now, Nigerians are saying Tacha spiritually disqualified herself from the game the moment the angrily erased herself from Omashola’s drawing

Read Comments Below:

Ogbeni Olutosin on Twitter

When Tacha erased herself from Omashola’s painting, she never knew she was spiritually evicting herself #bbnaija

Sams A.E on Twitter

When Omashola painted the top 10HMs, Tacha deleted herself from the painting saying it’s not fine🙆‍♂️ I guess that was the sign of this eviction!!! #BBNaija

D A M I L 😂 L 😝 on Twitter

Tacha kept shouting day 99 Tacha cleared her painting from the top 10 99 – 10 = 89 She was disqualified on day 89. She used her own hand to shoot herself in the leg. #BBNaija

Umukoro ufuoma on Twitter

Tacha erased herself from Omashola’s painting… Unknown to her she actually erased herself from the house.

Micheal Rosequeen on Twitter

BBNaija19, There are somethings we do unknowingly that reflects in our lives. Tacha removed herself from Omoshola’s painting of the housemates saying that the painting is not fine. The day she cleaned that painting was the day she left the house spiritually. “PRIDE CAN DESTROY

Big Brother Naija on Twitter

Who’ll give us the best graffiti in the #BBNaija House? Who are you putting your money on?

unrequited on Twitter

What did Tacha do to Omashola why did she erase herself from his painting I mean it was his hard work and she defaced it? For no reason ? I like this girl but girl what’re u doing. You’re getting on my nerves now. Or am I missing something ?

Ihuoma Nwogu on Twitter

Omashola Da Vinci 😊😊…but Tacha u no try oo, why did u have to erase Omashola’s drawing of u on his work…not nice at all…I do not support u on this one Tacha 😞😞 #BBNaija