4 Habits You Need To Develop To Grow Your Blog


Blogger platform. Unlike WordPress where installing most Plugins helps you get off the hook, using Blogger you will need to learn how to play with codes to have a blog that is relevant. Generally, there are habits you need to cultivate as a blogger.
Write quality contents: I always tell people that writing good contents is one of your gate pass to having a good readership. When I started blogging, I knew little or nothing about blogging, all I did was copy and paste, I remember copying both the website’s name during one of my copy-cat espionage. Those moments still crack me up. Along the line, I started writing and I knew the difference between running a random news blog and a blog that creates quality content. You must not have a degree in writing, keep a notepad and put down your ideas, build it up, put it down and forget about your inability to construct a good blog post without errors. Those errors can be fixed by using grammar or other editing software, I use Grammarly and there is a free package which serves great purposes.

Read Other Good Blogs: For someone like me who admires and love the quality, I visit other blogs, especially lifestyle bloggers who write about their blogs and their blogging experiences. Check out other blogs, read their contents and improve. I was lacking seriously in SEO (This is an issue I really don’t want to address now because it is hilarious) but then I admired growth, so I had this friend, Gift Collins that also blogs and her traffic is so nice, her blog shows class. I started reading her contents, I got to learn the Importance of SEO and what it really meant. Imagine finding out about SEO after 2-years of blogging, that’s so crazy but I have figured it out and I am doing just great. I got to discover bloggers like Esther Adeniyi, Cassie Daves, The Blogger Point, I started following Neil Patel. Just reading other blogs alone has helped me a lot and I have learnt a lot from them and improved my blog greatly.

Marry Google: As a blogger, you should make google your friend because apart from writing good contents, you need to make people read those contents you have put out there, what’s a content without having readers? Learn how to fully optimize your blog for searching engines to see, which is part of SEO. I learnt how to make my SEO great. I added something similar to Yoast SEO, this seemed impossible for those using Bloggers platform just by searching on Google and I have been doing almost all myself by using the ‘How to’ on Google. Many wait to get help from other bloggers who have made, believe me, 99.9% of them won’t even reply your mail unless you are paying for it, which they won’t explain anything serious to you.

Pay Great Attention To Your SEO: SEO means search engine optimization. Many Bloggers know little or nothing about SEO, especially those who came with the ‘As soon as you start blogging you will become rich mentality’. Those who believe blogging is about writing or copy and pasting. You need to pay great attention to your Blog. The sincere truth is that I have been blogging for almost 3-years and never knew the right things to do on the blog. When I changed my Blog name from Oladosufaith.com to faithola.com I did not configure my webmaster on Google which was the basic them. Google wasn’t crawling my page anymore and my ranking kept dropping and I didn’t pay attention to it because I was thinking it was blogpost. Lol….How can I figure out when I knew nothing about SEO? I use tools like SEMRUSH, SEMALT, Neil Patel’s SEO Analyzer, Quicksprout to analyze my SEO. I also set up my Bing Webmaster, Google Search Console, Yandex, these help different search engines to bring up my blog post when people search for things on the web. I do a lot of research on Off-page and On-page SEO.

Share Your Blog Post: When I started, I didn’t want to bug others, so I wasn’t sharing my blogpost, that was horrible and naïve. I share my post on any platform as much as I can. For now, I do that on Nairaland, Twitter using the automatic sharing tool called Bloglovin, Facebook, Quora. I also leave comments on other blogs with higher traffic, embedding my blog URL in my comments, this drives a lot of traffic to my Blog.

It’s good to be anxious to make money from your blog (After all na, where person dey work nah him dey chop) but first create value. Value brings the currency.

What do you think about this post? Do you own a blog already, what habits do you think others should cultivate?
How do you keep the SEO of your blog intact?

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