Why you should Use your Real Name on Facebook (True Life Story)


On a fateful Friday I entered a train from a Metro Station actually heading to Ajman from Dubai. I was in a hurry to get off the train and enter a bus going to my destination and unknown to me my wallet dropped off. It was when I want to get a bus ticket I noticed my wallet was nowhere to be found.

I was mad because my money and ID’s card are all in my wallet. I was helpless because I am new here and know nobody, the slogan here in Dubai is always “Nothing is free in Dubai “. Cut all story short I reached home from a divine helper but without my wallet.

The next morning not feeling happy I logged on to my Facebook account only to find a message asking if I lost my wallet. I replied and that was how I actually got my wallet.

What really happened was that the lady saw my wallet and going through my ID she searched for my name on Facebook and seeing that my pic is the same as my ID pic, she sent me a message to confirm.

I know if I didn’t use my real names on Facebook my wallet would have been dead and buried, although the money was not there but my vital ID’s and sims are intact.

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