The Reason Why Most Taxicabs are Painted Yellow


Check the lanes of Lagos, cabs are painted yellow. Check New York City too, they are additionally painted yellow. This same shading is utilized on cabs in a few urban communities around the globe.

The video underneath from Business Insider clarifies why yellow is the most favored shading for cabs around the world.

The reason is yellow taxis have less mischances.

The video says.. “Scientists have found a justifiable reason yellow taxicabs wind up in less mishaps. They utilized Singapore as a contextual analysis utilizing some yellow and some blue taxicabs. More than 16,000 of these taxicabs were followed for 3 months.. It was reasoned that yellow taxis are less demanding to see, in this manner, they have a lower shot of being hit”.

Could this imply you are more secure inside Lagos yellow taxis? Reveal to us what you think in the remark area.

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