Lady Rocks N50 ‘Bend Down Select’ Top (Photos)


A Nigerian lady, @princess_busayo on Instagram, has revealed she bought the white and black top you see above for N50!.

unbelievable right?

Read what she wrote on her Instagram below…

“I was passing through ikeja underbridge at night with no plan of buying anything when I heard a woman shouting 50naira buy your top. Normal me would have just waka pass; like I’m too shy to bend down and select 50naira top. I don’t know what happened that day; maybe because I’ve been following too much looking chic on a budget bloggers. I just bend down and selected. Viola! I got this for just 50naira.
Paired it on my forever21 skirt on Sunday and I was looking effortlessly chic. In fact I’ve paired it on too many outfits. If I didn’t tell you I thrifted it for 50naira; you wouldn’t even know.”

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