Nollywood Actress Moyo Lawal Has A Word For Body-Shamers


Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal is no doubt one of the most talked-about celebrities in Nigeria. She is not only controversial, she has not also been able to ward off body-shamers off her back. But this time, she has some few words to say to them.

Moyo Lawal has been called a lot of things. Short, fat, brief and some people even go as far as accusing her of undergoing plastic surgery because of her massive behind.

Moyo, however, embraces her body and she even jokingly gave herself the title of ‘Commissioner of fat and short people’.

In a new post on Instagram, the actress thought to remind body-shamers again that she is just fat and fat in the right places and she did not undergo any plastic surgery.

See her post below:

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